Fortean Times: Garner, Kibbo Kift, Mulholland

This month's Fortean Times (#336) features more than its usual share of articles of interest to The Alchemical Landscape. Subtitled 'Pagan Pastimes', the issue features articles on The Kibbo Kift Kindred by Annebella Pollen, a profile of Alan Garner by Bob Fischer and a short but nevertheless fascinating piece on Victorian time machines. The latter article looks at the "Funerary Teleportation Grid of Greater London", otherwise known as the Bonomi Tomb in Brompton Cemetery. You can read about this Steampunk shrine over at The Clerkenwell Kid and BLDGBLOG. Fortean Times provides a short overview of the site with reference to Mount Vernon Astral Temple's album Musick That Destroys Itself.